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NEET Course

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Extensive NEET Course

NEET-2019 Program for 11th class Passed / 12th class Studying / 12th Passed

This course includes extensive training, motivational classes and tips to score more marks in their Board examinations. We adapt the CBSE syllabus as per NCERT sequence to make sure that the students always remain a step ahead in their studies and examinations at the school. Our course is designed to support our students to successfully score good Marks in Half yearly, pre-board, practical’s and Final Board exams.

Course Description
 DurationJune 2018 to Feb 2019.
Eligibility11th Passed/12th Studying or 12th Passed.
TimingsMon, Tue, Wed, & Fri: 6-8pm and Sat: 6–8pm & Sun: 9.30am–4.30pm.
AdmissionDirect Walk-in.
MethodologyNCERT; Lectures+Periodic Tests+Mock Sessions.

Intensive NEET Course

Course Description
 DurationJune 2018 to Apr 2019.
Eligibility12th Passed / NEET Repeaters.
TimingsMon to Fri: 9.30am-4.30pm.
AdmissionDirect Walk-in.
MethodologyNCERT; Lectures+Periodic Tests+Mock Sessions.

Rapid NEET CRASH Course

Course Description
 DurationMar-Apr 2019.
EligibilityAppearing for NEET-2019.
TimingsMon to Fri: 9.30am-4.30pm.  Assessment on Saturdays.
AdmissionDirect Walk-in.

Highlights of NEET programs @ SESHAA?

ICT enabled classrooms. Fully Air-conditioned.

Individual attention given to Students.

High Quality Education & well experienced Teachers.

Student’s performance index is tracked through Weekly tests and Mock Exams.

Regular PTM’s conducted along with the Management.

Progress report tracker is maintained for our Students.

We follow-up with our Students till MEDICAL Admission.